micro accommodation units

Much cheaper than a Bungalow or other construction.

Ooty is, on average, 4 times cheaper than a building with the same capacity. It is an excellent option for tourism, since they are cheaper, easier to maintain, with lower consumption, due to its dimensions, achieving , therefore, more supply with less investment and, comparatively, a higher profitability, given not having the same charges. It allows more attractive lodging prices, offering the good conditions of stay required by the current customer.
Great solution "Glamping". Its shape is welcoming and flashy for the experience.
The Ooty are still excellent splits extra for a villa.

Is it easy to transport?

Ooty is easily divisible, for transport, in overlapping, by lorry or sea container. Thus, transport and storage costs are significantly lower. The assembly is also very simple. When assembled, they are moved using a transport truck preferably with a crane to simplify their installation.

"Plug & Play" - connect it to the power socket and that's it.

The Ootys have only one cable with plug, for connection to a common electrical outlet if desired. Once installed on a flat surface, simply connect it to the mains and it is ready for use.
It is also prepared with hose connectors for bathroom and kitchen supplies if required, and can be equipped with motor home sanitation cassettes if desired or with piping connections that are orientable for connection to sanitation systems.

What kind of care must i have with my Ooty?

Since Ooty is built with term-treated wood, it needs little maintenance, but if you want to keep the same tone, over time, and prevent the appearance of a grayish hue and cracks of natural wood, protective coatings should be applied periodically, advisable every 3 years but may vary by location.
It should be noted that the exterior wood, besides being treated, is protected, since the most exposed and exposed materials are constituted by Viroc for the top closures (a composite of wood and concrete) and Shingle tile (mineral bituminous tile). They are therefore materials of high durability and prepared for the climatic adversities and of little or no maintenance.
Ooty is accompanied by a maintenance plan and information about the materials that compose it.

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